Britain rehearsed the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

A few days ago, the Queen of Great Britain, who turned ninety-two this year, canceled her visit to the morning prayer, referring to her poor state of health.

Because of this, all the ruling parties and civil servants closest to the court decided to conduct a rehearsal for the funeral of the queen and to determine in advance a clear action plan that will need to be observed as soon as this happens. It turned out that the most difficult questions to resolve were what to do the day after the funeral, and when exactly to announce the whole world about what had happened. Such a rehearsal was held for the first time, but given the age of the queen, it should have long been prepared for the fact that on one day the heads of Britain and the family of monarchs, still will not.

The parliament has already signed a decision on a ten-day national mourning, which will affect all citizens of the country.

The fact is that these ten days will not work, and those services and enterprises that have a round-the-clock production cycle will have to reduce the amount of work to their minimum.

Mourning, which no one is waiting for

Most of all about the health of the Queen of Great Britain are prayed by stock exchange clerks, because in the ten days they are forced to spend in mourning, the London Stock Exchange will suspend its work, which will unambiguously entail many millions of losses and costs. Thus, the day after the Queen of the United Kingdom dies, more than ninety-nine percent of all enterprises and private companies will stop their work. Such actions are already prescribed in the decree, which, according to the palace rules, must be prepared in advance.

Also, Prime Minister Teresa Mei will have to coordinate with the Queen music, decorating the funeral hall and many other subtleties, up to where and in what order to seat the guests who came to say goodbye to her.

And if for an ordinary person, preparing his own funeral seems too awkward behavior, then for the royal family, this is quite normal action, which requires from them etiquette and rules of the monarchical kind. After all, if during farewell to the queen, someone starts to behave too actively and violently express emotions, then most likely this person will make a remark and withdraw from the hall, where the whole procession of farewell will pass.

What does the Queen say about this?

It turns out that Elizabeth II offered to rehearse for a long time, because she fears that something might go wrong, as she would have liked it. The fact is that when her mother was still alive, she had been preparing her own funeral for several years and checking every detail. But by the will of fate, these rehearsals came in handy not only to her alone, but to Princess Diana, who passed away before it happened to the mother of Queen Elizabeth II. And to the great disappointment of this woman, there was no other scenario at that time, so I had to borrow the one that was well rehearsed. After the funeral of Princess Diana, the Queen’s mother began to prepare a new script, because it is considered indecent for the funerals of the royal family to be similar. Therefore, when everyone around us thinks that funerals and death are too heavy a loss that they do not want to speak out loud for the royal family, this ritual is no different from the fact that, for example, one must attend the opening of a university or prepare a schedule for the day , for his jubilee.

Such strange traditions take place to be in the most popular family all over the world. Every day, millions of people read and watch news about Queen Elizabeth II and her numerous relatives in order to be sure that they are doing well, which means that the belief in a beautiful future is not lost. One has only to guess how many negative things can happen after the announcement of mourning, because many people sincerely consider themselves to be servants of the queen, and without it they do not know what to do next. Therefore, daily in many churches around the world, services are held for the health of the queen and her family. The very same Queen Elizabeth II, has long been accustomed to this kind of customs and is not surprised at anything, although sometimes she has to get used to modern views on life.

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