Broccoli cabbage will save from cancer

Currently, the global problem of modernity are cancer.

It can be said without exaggeration that this illness is one of the most terrible enemies of mankind, which mercilessly exterminates people around the world, sparing neither adults nor children. According to the World Health Organization, about 8 million people die of cancer worldwide every year. Experts say that cancer is not one type of disease.

The number of variants of the disease reaches up to 200 species and each of them has different symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment. But their high risk of diseases unites them. Without timely action, a person is doomed to death.

However, an insidious disease can behave quite secretively, without issuing distress signals, so people often do not suspect the spread of cancer cells in their body. And at the time when the disease is obvious, it may be too late to start treatment and surgery. The effectiveness of any therapy depends on the stage of the disease, so a very common and sad problem is the lack of people’s desire to undergo a routine examination of the whole organism.

Oncology is a possible cause of a demographic catastrophe

All possible variants of oncological diseases are considered the main cause of death in the whole world. Every year, billions of dollars are spent fighting disease. The minimum percentage of the sick manages to get out of the jaws of a ferocious disease and get rid of it completely. It often happens that the impression is made of the retreat of the disease, and when a person considers himself fully healthy, a relapse occurs and the illness returns.

The World Health Organization recently made a disappointing prediction. She believes that in the next 20 years the number of cases of cancer damage increases by 70%.

A terrifying figure, that’s why all over the world scientists are actively working on creating an effective means to help defeat cancer. Without a powerful and reliable drug, the situation with oncological diseases will lead to a demographic catastrophe. Today, four main types of oncology are distinguished: lung, breast, prostate and intestine. The male category is more likely to suffer from lung diseases, and women are more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

The way of salvation through broccoli

Most recently, a scientist from the English research center published a theory that it is possible to prevent the onset of cancer. To do this, it is sufficient to include broccoli in a person’s daily diet. Vegetables, according to the scientist, are more effective means, which fights against cancer cells, than modern medicament preparations. As a result of clinical trials in which volunteers participated, it was determined that broccoli prevents the appearance of cancers and destroys the affected cells. Regular use of asparagus promotes general strengthening of the body.

There is strengthening of the cardiovascular system, blood levels of cholesterol decrease, the ability of the immune system to resist various infections and pathogens increases.

The scientist also discovered that broccoli reduces inflammatory processes in the intestine and prevents colon cancer. As is known, the state of the whole organism directly depends on the state of the intestine. If this system is normal and works without failures, then all other organs function at full capacity. Conversely, any violation in the work of the intestine provokes inflammatory processes and suppression of immunity. Scientists believe that even brain activity can be dulled if the intestine is not functioning properly. Deterioration of memory, concentration of attention, bad mood, depressive state can arise as a result of disruptions in the operation of the colon. The main active ingredient in broccoli is sulforaphane. It stops the division of cancer cells and programs them to self-destruct. The greatest content of a useful component is observed in young shoots of cabbage and stems. Inflorescents contain sulforaphanes least.

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