Care Lip

211120162Each woman takes care of herself. This is what you want as long as you can to look young and attractive. Sometimes women are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to put himself in order. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. As you know, the beauty – decorates the world.

It is worth noting that sometimes a woman taking care of your face, neck, arms, but completely forget to take care of lips. Although it is the lips need the most careful care, especially in winter. In winter, lips can peel off, crack and weather-beaten. In this case, the application of lipstick will not save, but only points to the shortcomings.

So, how to care for lips at home?

1. Honey. Apply honey on the lips for 10 minutes. This product nourishes lips.
2. Cucumber. 30 minutes to keep a slice of cucumber between the lips. This product will help moisturize lips.
3. Banana. Banana pulp will also have a positive effect on the lips. After its application, they will be more soft and pleasant to the touch.
4. Butter. Oil nourishes lips. After its application the lips become attractive and beautiful.

If you regularly perform the above procedures, your lips will always be healthy.

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