Care of Eyelashes

Every woman dreams of beautiful and long eyelashes. The thing is that the eyelashes are exactly what the men most often pay attention to. Eyelashes should be long and fluffy. There is nothing worse than short and colorless eyelashes.

To achieve their beauty, you need to ensure them the right care! What is needed for this?

1. Castor oil. Take the brush. Every evening, before going to bed, put on the eyelashes along the entire length of castor oil. It makes the eyelashes stronger, and in every possible way promotes their growth.
2. Indian ink. If you dye eyelashes with ink, then it must be washed every evening in the most careful way.
3. Special comb. For eyelashes you need to buy a special comb. Eyelashes, like hair, you need to regularly comb.
4. Balm. Prepare a special balm for the eyelashes. It will help to make your eyelashes more dense. For this it is necessary to mix two types of oils – castor and olive oil. Then you need to add a little vitamin E and aloe juice. Unsurpassed balm for the eyelashes is ready.

Lovely women, half of our beauty is given to us by nature. And the other half depends only on us and our departure.

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