Caring for Different Parts of the Body

Every woman devotes many hours caring for your body. It should immediately be noted that each part of the body requires individual care. For example, for the face is necessary to provide one kind of care, and the skin around the eyes – the other. Yes, it’s not an easy job. But the result is worth it.

So, how to properly care for your body?

1. Brushes. Your skin suffers greatly from aggressive chemicals. To protect it, you need to regularly make masks and lubricate it with warm olive oil. After applying the wear gloves made of natural fabrics.
2. Stops. To stop the skin was in a normal state, it is necessary to once a week cleaned with a pumice stone. Then apply a nourishing cream. This care will be enough.
3. Torso. To the body has always been fit, you need to twice a year to visit the massage parlor. This is a very useful and relaxing treatment. Besides, it is very useful to engage in sports. Once a week, visit a beautician.
4. Face. On the skin of the face is the most delicate skin. It needs to provide the most gentle care. All funds must be chosen depending on skin type.

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