Caring for Different Types of Skin

Each person is different, so you need not be surprised that each of us has a different skin type. The skin can be dry, oily, normal or combination. I must say that, depending on the skin type must be chosen appropriate care. It is extremely important to do it properly, as improper care can only hurt.

So, how to properly care for your skin?

1. Dry. Dry skin needs to be sure to nourish and moisturize. To do this, cream or other cosmetics can be used. Such skin needs a reliable protection from frost and sun. If you do not, then the situation can only worsen.
2. Oily skin. For oily skin look beautiful, you must first remove it from the rail irny shine. To do this, use the special matting tonic. I must say that this type of skin is prone to the appearance of pores. To cope with this problem, you need to buy a tool that helps get rid of them (consisting of salicylic acid must be present).
3. Normal skin. Care for normal skin is the easiest. To skin is always shining, it is necessary to regularly clean and moisturise. No additional procedures do not need to do.

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