Caring for Hair Extensions

111220162Every woman dreams about long hair. But it so happens that nature disposes otherwise. Many women simply can not grow long hair. In this case, it is not necessary to be upset, because you can always increase hair.

So, what care should be provided hair extensions?

1. Master. Before you build your hair, you need to find a good master. It is actually very important.
2. Correction. If you have increased hair, a correction must always be done in time. This question should always be discussed in advance with his master.
3. Scratching. The hair should be brushed regularly. In no case do not forget to do it, otherwise the hair may become entangled.
4. Wet Hair. If you have washed your hair before going to bed, you will first need to wait until they are dry. You can not go to bed with wet hair. Before going to sleep you need to collect hair in a braid.
5. Balm. It is not necessary to apply balm to the hair roots. This can cause damage to hair extensions.

As you can see, caring for hair extensions is necessary, but it is not very difficult.

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