Caring for Hair Loss

Every woman watching her hair. It is her pride.

But it so happens that a woman is faced with such complexity as loss. What you need to do in this situation?

1. Power. If your hair is very important to adjust the diet. We do not hope that it will be possible to limit ourselves to the outside leaving. If the woman is well nourished then it will be enough just to apply a nourishing mask once a week. Be sure to include in your diet cottage cheese. This is the most useful product for the hair.
2. External care. To the hair stopped falling out applied to the hair masks oil-based. It can burdock or olive oil. Use a combination of a variety of products that are in your refrigerator. It is not necessary to purchase expensive mask.

Finally, I want to say that, if the above two ways does not help – consult a doctor. Rather, hair loss associated with any disease. You will need to pass tests to find out and understand this question. Good luck!

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