Caring for Hair

231120167Every woman wants to be the owner of long hair. This is due to the fact that long hair makes the ladies more feminine and attractive. In addition, from the long mad man hair.

But long hair is necessary to ensure a good and high-quality care. So what does it take to long hair always looked healthy and well-groomed?

1. Shampoo. You should never apply shampoo directly on the hair. Please it must be diluted with water and rub in the palms. Do not forget at the end of the procedure hair need apply hair conditioner to moisture and nutrition.
2. Combing. Never brush wet hair, as they are easily damaged. Wait until you need to fully dry and then comb.
3. Comb. Comb should be with natural bristles.
4. At night. Before going to bed hair should be braided in a braid.
5. Wash. Long hair should not wash more than twice a week.
6. Mowing. Do not forget to visit the barber. At least once every three months should be cut posechennye tips.

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