Caring for Thin Hair

At present, more and more women are complaining that the hair becomes thin and lifeless. The reasons for this may be many, but more common – improper care and poor environmental conditions.

So, how to help thin hair become more healthy?

1. Vitamins. It is important to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. To do this, you need to eat more vegetables, fruits, cheese, eggs and liver.
2. Wash. Hair should not be washed in water from the tap. Chlorine has a negative impact on the condition of the hair. To wash the need to use soft water.
3. Masks. It is important to regularly applied to the skin head poppies. It is best to use a mask based on oil. They will nourish the hair and provide better care.
4. Hairdryer. From the use of a hair dryer it is best to give up, since it is strongly desiccate hair.
5. Comb. For combing hair comb should be selected with natural bristles. In no event it is impossible to comb wet or damp hair. This causes them irreparable harm, and they begin to break down.

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