Catherine Deneuve – the Secret of Youth

Catherine Deneuve is not a young woman, but she looks simply amazing. The name of this woman is known around the world. French actress is hard not to admire. She can only try to imitate.

So what are the secrets of the famous French stores?

1. Healthy lifestyle. The actress from France leads a healthy lifestyle. That means – no smoking, alcohol and night life. Sleep – a tool number one of feminine beauty.
2. Sun Protection. The skin ages faster due to the negative impact of sunlight. To avoid this, you need to use cosmetics with UV protection.
3. Expensive cosmetics. Makeup is always necessary to choose a good quality. At the same time, any cosmetic product must be used in moderation.
4. Movement. Try to move more. No need to sit still. At the weekend go out to the yard to ride a bike or play sports.
5. Proper nutrition. To pay due attention to what goes into your stomach. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown in your country.

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