Causes of Early Gray Hair

Everyone is afraid of the appearance of the first gray hair. It will talk about the fact that old age is not far off. But do not worry so. It so happens that the reason for the appearance of gray hair is different.

So why are there early gray hair?

1. Stress. The most common cause of gray hair – it’s stress. Constant feelings do not go unnoticed.
2. Malfunction of the thyroid gland. If the thyroid is not working properly, it can lead to the problem.
3. Deficiency of vitamin B12. If a person has a lack of vitamin B12, it can begin to turn gray prematurely.
4. Smoking. Very often the cause of the early gray hair may be a bad habit – smoking.

As you can see, is not always the first gray hair says that old age will come soon. Rather, it is a signal of the body, which warns that it is necessary to pay attention to your lifestyle habits.

To stay longer a young man, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle (at bedtime, tempered, eat right and exercise).

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