Causes of Gastritis

Now more and more people hear a diagnosis – as gastritis. This disease has a favorable prognosis. But let’s still understand, that contributes to the development of the disease?

1. Nerves. Everyone knows that the cause of many diseases – is stress. Gastritis is no exception.
2. Improper diet. People do not respect the diet and often eat in suhomyatku. Disclaimer breakfast also applies to this item. Undoubtedly, many people will say that they can not eat in the morning. But always remember that gastritis can begin at any moment.
3. Bad habits. Alcohol and smoking is also a cause of the disease.
4. Food. If a person loves fried, smoked and spicy food, then it is possible that he may be ill with gastritis.
5. Chewing food. Food should be chewed thoroughly, and do not swallow food pieces. If you do not, then in the future it will be possible to hear from the doctor’s diagnosis – gastritis.

As you can see, gastritis appears the fault of the man himself. If you follow the simple rules, then the disease had not show.

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