Causes of Headache

Women often have a headache. The problem is acute, so let us look at its causes.

1. Power. Avoid fatty foods. Headache may be associated with high blood pressure and fatty foods contributes to this.
2. Hunger. During the diet may be a headache. Begin to eat right and balanced.
3. Vitamins. If the body much vitamin D3, it may cause headaches.
4. Drugs. It is much wiser, get medical advice than mindlessly drink tablets.
5. Bad habits. Alcohol and smoking cause headaches. Give up bad habits, and everything will work out.
6. Stress. Very often the stress can cause headaches. Try to avoid stress. This negatively affects the entire body.
7. Little movement. If the person moves is small, it may encounter this problem. This is due to circulatory disorders.
8. Weather. When weather changes meteodependent people may feel a headache.
9. Poor sleep. Lack of sleep can cause poor health. To remedy the situation, you need a good night’s sleep.
10. The lack of sex. If a person has no sex life, you can be faced with the above problem.

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