Causes of Human Suffering

Everyone can feel unhappy. If this happens sporadically, then there is nothing to worry about. Bad, if a person suffers constantly. It just destroys and kills it.

In this regard, I want to understand what can be the cause of those very sufferings.

1. Social networks. If you constantly look at photos of friends and acquaintances, this can lead to disappointment. The thing is that everyone has their own way of life. If a friend has something, and you have, it will lead to various negative thoughts and experiences.
2. There is no lover. Women always worry if they do not have a boyfriend. Especially, the experience intensifies if the woman’s age approaches 30. At this time, one must already be married and raise children. Never grieve. Wait a little, and it will be all right.

Finally, I want to say that every person is inclined to experiences. This is absolutely normal. However, any kind of experience must be learned to control. Only this way you can become truly happy.

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