Causes of Snoring

Everyone should sleep soundly at night. But it so happens that the person is no problem with sleep does not feel, but at night not sleeping. The main reason for this – the snoring of a family member. In such circumstances, it is impossible to sleep. Noise does not just close your eyes.

So why do people snore? The reasons can be many: alcohol, heart disease, allergies, obesity, asthma, dry air.

This is one of the most common causes of snoring.

So, how to help a person when he snores?

I must say that, if a person is sleeping on your side, it will not snore. This is due to the fact that because it is easier to relax the muscles.

If snoring is associated with dryness in the room, then you need to put a bucket of water near the battery. You can also buy a humidifier.

If nasal congestion, a man of his need to clean and drip vasoconstrictive drops.

If a person has excess weight, then you need to get rid of him. We need to play sports, to adjust the power mode and begin to move more.

Treat of snoring can be with the help of modern devices and surgically.

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