Changing Weather

At present, more and more you will notice some dramatic changes taking place in weather conditions. For example, if yesterday was cold and frosty, then every other day on the street can already be a thaw. Such differences have a negative impact on human health. In this connection, can escalate all chronic diseases. During this period, especially the need to protect your health and monitor the well-being.

So, what is recommended by doctors? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to strengthen the body. Make it simple.

1. Power. It is very important to strengthen your body. Eat more fruits and vegetables. It is important to give up unhealthy foods and dishes. Again, all you need to eat food without salt.
2. Stress. Try to protect yourself from stressful situations. Think and adjust themselves in a positive way.
3. Fresh air. If possible, most of the day should be done outdoors.
4. Sport. Work out or charging. Try to be an active person. Those who are constantly on the move, get sick much less often.

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