Cherries in Cosmetology

Everyone knows about the benefits of cherries for the body. These berries are in great demand in the summer. During this period, especially a lot of them and they are very tasty.

But now I want to talk, that the berries can be used for other purposes. Many women are surprised to find that these berries are – number one for female beauty.

1. Skin. To make your skin become soft and smooth, it is necessary to use a mask based on cherries. To do this, take a tablespoon of olive oil and add the cherry puree. The resulting mixture was applied for 15 minutes. Then to wash off with water at room temperature. This mask can be used for rough skin of feet and elbows.
2. Hair. To hair is silky and shiny, use as a mask – cherry. The base can be any – oil or kefir (the choice depends on the type of hair).

Recall that the berries can be used not only as an external agent, but also internal. Berries cherries are delicious and juicy. Be with them not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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