Chewing Gum

Currently, the stores can meet a common product like chewing gum. Some people simply do not represent life without sovey and other – pass by. How to be in this situation? Who is right and who is not?

In this regard, you need to understand the benefits and harms of chewing gum. But everyone can decide for themselves whether to buy chewing gum need.

1. Cleansing the teeth.
2. The freshness of breath.
3. Promotes digestion.

1. Diseases of the stomach and intestines. During that as a person chews the cud, it begins to actively produce gastric juice. However, at this moment there is no food intake. Then the stomach will digest its walls. In no case can not chew gum on an empty stomach.
2. Dental fillings. Chewing gum may stick to the seal, after which it can fall.
3. Caries. Very often the cause of dental caries can be precisely chewing gum. This is due to the fact that it is added various chemicals.
4. Preservatives. The chewing gum composition is not the best (preservatives and flavorings).

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