Childhood obesity as a distress signal for parents

In the modern world, more and more children can be found who suffer from obesity.

It turns out that only due to the wrong way of life of parents, children suffer and can not do anything on their own. After all, if a child lives with those who teach him lessons of bad habits and malnutrition, he involuntarily becomes like such parents. Therefore, in order not to harm your baby, you just need to always monitor his health and the right way of life.

Scientists say that over the past ten years, obese children have become more than forty percent. In the developed countries of the world, where food does not become a problem, one in five children has an initial or deeper phase of obesity.

Therefore, in order to protect your baby from such a fate, it is simply necessary to always ensure that he observes the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle.

What should I do to avoid obesity?

It is very important to pay attention to what kind of behavior model your child has chosen and whether to encourage his actions in this direction. After all, children always try to choose the side that is most easily given to them and for which there is absolutely no need to make efforts. Therefore, if parents do not insist on playing sports and eating healthy food, then we should expect that approximately from the age of six, the child can get registered with a specialist in childhood obesity.

So, what should you do to avoid obesity in childhood?

1) Proper nutrition. Nutrition should form the basis of a healthy lifestyle, because any fast food makes it impossible for the body to develop properly. It is worth choosing only fresh and maximally useful products that will help you prepare unique and delicious dishes for your baby. And it is very easy for children to be taught to do what is right, if they have no choice.
2) Doing sports. Activity during the day should be maximum. After all, the children’s body is capable of producing twice as much energy, and therefore it will last longer. Lying on the couch in front of the TV, the child recycles his energy into fat, and if he is doing regular sports or spending all day on the street, his body mass index will always be normal.
3) Controlling the weight of the child. It is very important that parents seriously pay attention to the weight of their baby. After all, this is a direct road to obesity. and if at least a little the weight began to increase and exceed the permissible rate, it is necessary immediately to sound the alarm and apply to specialists. After all, excess weight in childhood leads to disruption of the cardiovascular system and the development of diseases, which could be avoided if you pay attention in time to how much your child weighs.
4) Exclusion of bad habits. Parents should very carefully approach their own way of life if they want to have healthy children. Of course, one can not imagine that someone allowed his child to smoke or drink alcohol when he was young, but in order that children do not become witnesses of such actions and do not consider this a norm of behavior, one must definitely abandon all bad habits. Parents are the main authority for the child, which means that we must always try to meet this status in full.

Excess weight is not a defect!

Of course, constantly reproach the child for being fat and clumsy is not worth it. After all, his appearance and state of health is the result of parental care. therefore, before you begin to tell your child that he weighs too much, you need to ask yourself the question about what you did to avoid it. One ugly word about the baby, is able to develop from him complexes for the rest of his life, which will prevent him in his adult age, become a successful and established person. Therefore, try to always make sure that your child is healthy, strong and cheerful. and everything else, you will certainly help him overcome. After all, parents are not only teachers, but mostly assistants.

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