Children of Alcoholics at Risk of Inheriting the Disease of Their Parents

18111619If your husband or wife is suffering from alcohol dependence, and your kids are at risk.

It turns out that the parents of alcoholics children have a better chance in adulthood also face alcohol problem.

This is due to the fact that dependence on drinking inherited.

New research scientists from Buffalo suggest such disease as alcoholism can be acquired not only in the process of life, but also laid the body initially. First of all, it is transmitted from parents to children. If parents have a problem with alcohol, their children are also beginning to be born with innate dependence.

In addition, children of alcoholics are often raised in an environment where they have to constantly see a drunken father or mother (and sometimes both), which adversely affects the psychological development. Children are repeated for adults, so these bad habits quickly they appear in adolescence.

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