Choice of Clothing in Hot Weather

Hot summer weather – it’s quite a lot of stress to the body. I would like to always be in the room in which the air conditioner is operating. But what if there was not, the streets will still need to go out in the heat.

So, how to dress properly in hot weather? This question is of interest to many people.

1. Fabrics. In the summer only need to choose clothes made of natural fabrics. The skin needs to breathe, and to ensure this is possible only with the help of flax and cotton cloth. Polyamide, acrylic and spandex – it’s not fabric that man should wear in the summer. Besides, if present in the product of about 50%, and then carry them is not necessary.
2. Light tone. In summer, it is best to wear light colors. This will facilitate a person stay on the street. Note, in the black and dark clothes are always much hotter.
3. Easy. The cut of a garment to be as light as possible, we can prove, by air.

As you can see, just choose clothes in the summer. The main thing is to rely on the natural composition. In this case, the heat will always be easier to survive. Good luck!

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