Choice of Clothing in the Fall

Everyone thinks about this question – what to wear in the fall to keep warm. To this question should be approached with great responsibility, because it protects people from colds. That hypothermia is a trigger for the disease.

So, what kind of clothes should be chosen in the fall?

1. Natural fabrics. In the autumn necessary to give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics. The body needs to breathe. Thus it is necessary to use a multi-layer principle. Thus it is possible to create a cushion of air, and you will not get sick.
2. Thermal underwear. Now very popular underwear. She was very thin, but warm. You can buy it in any store.
3. Shoes. Choose waterproof shoes to keep your feet always be warm and dry. In rainy weather, it is best to wear rubber boots.
4. Tights. Do not forget to wear tights under jeans. So you will always be warm and cozy.
5. Cap. In cold and windy weather, it is not necessary to abandon the headdress. The head should always be warm.

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