Choice of Vitamins

Currently, the pharmacy the large quantity of vitamins. Most often, people start taking vitamins and the shadow of their own spring. The main reason for this – lack of vitamins (in the opinion of the people themselves).

However, I want to say that it is best to visit the doctor taking vitamins and pass the necessary tests. No one can say with 100% certainty that he did not have enough of a particular vitamin.

If a person is still not ready to approach the question correctly, let’s find out what vitamin lacks a defined population.

1. Smokers. A person who smokes in need of vitamin C.
2. Work at a computer. If your work is connected with the computer, you need vitamin A.
3. Vegetarians. If a person came to the conclusion that it is necessary to give up the vitamin B12 it needs to be sure to drink from meat products.
4. Stress. In a stressful situation should drink B vitamins and magnesium. This is the best vitamins and minerals, to bring order in the nervous system.
5. Pregnant women. Pregnant women should be sure to drink folic acid. There is a body of evidence that folic acid intake reduces the risk of various pathologies.

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