Cholesterol is OK!

101120161Everyone during the medical examination takes place from time to time. Undoubtedly, it is necessary at least once every six months, but not all people follow this recommendation.

As if there was not, it happens that at the time of blood donation on the analysis it appears – high cholesterol. This is a very alarming signal to which you should pay attention, because, first of all, suffers heart. So what should you do to lower cholesterol in the blood?

1. Weight. It is important to watch your weight. If there is extra weight, then they have to say goodbye.
2. Eggs. It is important to limit the consumption of eggs (yolks them).
3. Fat. During this period, should give up fatty meats and fried food. Choose chicken, fish.
4. Bean. As for the beans, and then you can safely eat. This is due to the fact that they contain substances which contribute to the removal of cholesterol from the body.
5. Carrot and garlic. Be sure to include in your diet carrots and garlic These products also help to cope with the problem of high cholesterol.
6. Sport. Work out and give up bad habits.

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