Choosing of Vegetables and Herbs

Everyone is well aware of how useful all year round eat vegetables, herbs and fruits. But immediately it must be said that by choosing them should be taken with full responsibility, because instead of benefit can be applied enormous harm to the body. The reason for this – the use of various chemicals in their cultivation.

So, how to choose the right herbs and vegetables?

1 Season. Try to always buy the vegetables that are actively growing in a particular season. For example, the most tasty and healthy tomatoes will be in August and September. In winter, they have to be composed of at least mineral substances.
2. The freshness. Before you buy herbs or vegetables, they need to be checked for freshness. This means that you need to carefully examine their appearance. They should have a bright color and to be resilient to the touch.
3. Price. Do not buy cheap products. Most often reduced price associated with long-term storage. The longer the stored product, the lower the benefits.
4. Tainted products. Do not buy products which have emerged damage. It is no longer useful vegetable.

Treat carefully to what you eat. From this zavsit your health!

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