Clean of Skin

Currently, women are paying huge attention to their appearance. It’s a lot of work that needs to devote a lot of time.

It is worth noting that monitor the condition of the skin should be from a young age. No need to wait until the first wrinkles appear. It is much wiser to warn them.

So, how to properly care for the skin clean?

1. Health. It is important to observe hygiene. Wash should be twice a day with cold water. From soap is best abandoned in favor of foam for washing.
2. Cosmetics. Kras is possible and necessary. Only in the all need a reasonable approach. Do not use too much makeup. Note, it is important to wash off makeup at night.
3. Medical cosmetics. If you have some problem with the skin, choose cosmetics. You should always use only one brand and not to change the time.
4. Diet. If you want to be the owner of a healthy skin, then you need to eat right. If you eat a lot of sweets, you can only dream of fried and salty foods, then a clean skin.

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