Clothes for peas – pro and contra

Clothing in peas continually flashes in public places.

If you pay attention to people who preferred to dilute their image with a print in peas of different caliber, we can conclude that this contingent does not always fit into the category of who in fifty years. Despite the persistent stereotype that peas are an element of exclusively mature ladies, modern trends break down this opinion and prove that such a print to girls at any age can add a coquettish and stylish image.

But what we see on the catwalks, today is a bit different from the print in peas in the usual sense.

We are accustomed to draw an analogy of this image with the style from the forties and fifties, adding in its look accents in retro style. Today, it is not necessary to have a vintage image or to refer to the popular film “Dandies”, whose main characters are usually considered a standard of retro elegance. Do not be inspired by images from the past, because peas can look quite relevant and in a new way. Gloves, large bright beads and other signs of the style of past years no longer make sense, and their place was taken by other ambitious elements. You can create a mega-stylish image with a pea print if you include asymmetrical outfits, deep cuts, drapes or sportswear. If you prefer any of these details and dilute them with garments in polka dots, you can get an incredibly effective look and become famous persona who knows and knows how to use fashion trends.

How to be modern in peas?

In order to have a fashionable modern image, it is better to forget about classic cardigans and jackets combined with other clothes that have a pea print. In order not to make the image rigorous, but rather to add notes of romance to it, you can choose dresses and sarafans from thin silk and satin. These clothes are very actual and fresh looking during the summer season, and will not lose its zest in the coming fall. Also for summer is very appropriate tops of translucent matter, which are strewn with small peas. Small peas on a transparent fabric – a combination that is at the peak of popularity and relevance. Looking through the collections of fashion designers today, it is possible to detect such a nuance in almost every fashion designer. Wanting not to deprive yourself of femininity and romanticism, you can combine small peas with a sports style in clothes.

For example, a blouse in peas can be worn not necessarily with a skirt, but replaced with fashionable jeans. Option for example number 2 – a combination of skirts in peas with a loose T-shirt.

What was difficult to imagine a few years ago today is at the top of the image rating in the trend. We are talking about a combination of clothes in polka dots with sports sneakers, coarse sandals or loffers. Classical shoes and peas are no longer together, and even a romantic dress, strewn with small peas, will add to the image of the girl’s audacity and boldness, if not be afraid to wear it with shoes far from the classics.

Combining incompatible

It is no longer necessary to select a strictly monophonic duet for the product with a pea print. Rather, on the contrary, this version of the appearance will look like a retro-swing. And if this is not part of your plans, and you want to be in a trend, then do not be afraid to dilute your appearance with a few unlike prints. It seems unthinkable, but it is so. What can be verified on the design shows. But do not overdo it with a versatile style. In this difficult issue there should be consistency and the middle is observed, which does not allow you to step over from the retro style towards the bad taste. Something in common between the elements of clothing should still be present. It can be a similar theme, a shade of color or form. Modern women of fashion already know for sure that on a monochrome combination of black and white, clothes are not restricted to peas.

Any color from the palette can be combined with peas of any shades. Screaming colors or quiet are a private matter for everyone, so they should be chosen based on the personal preferences of each. If you are not a very loyal fan of pea print, but want to have a stylish image, dilute your image with such trends is very limited, in the small details of the image.

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