Coal cosmetics – meaninglessness or efficiency

Today it is difficult to remember which first cosmetic product was based on activated charcoal, as the main active ingredient.

At present, black cosmetics for the face, hair and body are so firmly entrenched in our everyday life that it is rather difficult to present your collection without the availability of these products and products. Although more recently, this innovation caused a lot of mistrust and questions about the effectiveness and safety of use. The modern beauty industry literally uses charcoal in every category of goods.

All sorts of masks, scrubs, shampoos, dentifrices and much more – this is a fashion trend, which potential consumers today are avid. However, there is no need to blindly trust marketing offers that praise products with coal content. Before preferring traditional cosmetic products, products of coal color and composition, one must get acquainted with the opinion of specialists who, in some cases, are a little wary of certain modern goods intended for caring for appearance. About whether it is worth expecting incredible results from the use of products containing charcoal can be found below.

How it all began

Not so long ago, the society faced a global transition to natural composition in cosmetic products. Various chemical components, fragrances, dyes and flavors have been declared harmful and even dangerous, so the need for a natural make-up composition has become the most important criterion to which conscious people who responsibly relate to their own health pay attention.

For this reason, manufacturers of cosmetics have set themselves the goal of revising the main components in the products and replacing the chemical substances in those that were created by nature. Therefore, the appearance of coal in products is a logical step that should have occurred.

What experts recommend

1) The person. Activated carbon is a product that has been used for many years in the field of pharmaceuticals and is known for its beneficial effects on the body. But if it was used as a drug for internal use, then why not try to apply for external use? Due to sorbing properties, this component actively cleanses the surface of the skin, hair, teeth from settled microorganisms, dirt, grease, dust, etc. But together with harmful representatives of microflora, useful organisms can be eliminated. For this reason, you need to selectively approach the purchase of such cosmetics, especially if you have dry skin. And for fatty epidermis, the means with coal is an ideal option, which effectively cleans pores from excessive fat. Also positive recommendations have scrubs on the basis of coal, because the particles of black matter penetrate deeply into the pores and eliminate even obsolete toxins from them. Masks are no less effective in purifying. According to experts, the most impressive effect is the tissue interpretation of facial masks.
2) Teeth. Today, toothpastes of black color are very popular. Experts say that the decision to use coal for cleaning teeth is very successful, because the abrasive agent copes well with the task assigned to it. It should be noted that Asian countries much earlier began to add activated carbon to toothpastes than it did in Europe. And the knowledge of the inhabitants of Asia is based on age-old wisdom and proven traditions.
3) Hair. Shampoos that contain coal are a very successful project and they do have a positive effect on the condition of the hair. In the presence of oily hair, activated charcoal perfectly cleans the surface of the head from fat excess. But not always activated charcoal stunningly acts on our body and provides beauty and health. There are times when this component does not make sense, since other ingredients simply do not allow the potential of coal to be revealed. For example, a cream face mask is the option when the presence of activated carbon is meaningless, since the porous structure is filled with cream and the absorbing properties of the black substance are lost.

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