Coffee is Recognized as Useful for Vascular

Japanese scientists found that coffee favors strengthening enforcement of the cardiovascular system.

According to Professor Masato University Ryuki Tsuttsui well brewed strong coffee expands and strengthens blood vessels of humans.

Professor experiment organized by inviting the participation of volunteers aged 22-30 years. 27 participants in the experiment of both sexes drank for several days a beverage composition unknown to them. In fact, it was coffee with or without caffeine it.

When participants were asked to describe their state of health before and after the coffee break, it became clear that those who drank caffeinated coffee, feel the increased tone of the body.

Objectively state vessels experiment participants was assessed by Doppler flowmetry, which allows to detect violations of the microcirculation in the tissues. All the small vessels in the body widened circulation improved by 30% in drank caffeinated coffee. The duration of effect was 75 minutes, after which the indices recovered and matched to those of humans, caffeine is not treated.

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