Colorful ethno look

Ethno-style – a trend that is considered one of the most colorful of the fashion trends.

Allow yourself to put on clothes that reflect the ethnic characteristics of any country can not every woman. It is simply impossible to be invisible in such a wardrobe, because bright colors and large ornaments are the main visual characteristics. Dressing in clothes from ethno-style emotionally tuned can only be bold women who like to be in the spotlight, and also leave a mark in the minds of representatives of the opposite sex. Any man can not ignore a woman or girl who decides to stand out from the gray crowd with the help of national colors of this or that country.

But preferring this style in clothes, one must have not only a sense of proportion, but also an intuitive sense of the face that will not allow becoming a parody of a representative of any nationality.

To cross this barrier is very simple and then the reputation of the visitor of the masquerade is inevitable. In order to dress properly and have a refined outfit with an echo of ethnic charisma, you need to know how twice two, the rules that exist in this matter. If you follow them, then you will succeed. Designers who add ethical elements to their fashion collections need to know and use not only the colors of the palette that are present in a certain direction, but also adhere to other important nuances. For example, there is a huge importance to the cut of clothing, the material from which part of the wardrobe is made. The presence of embroidery or other decoration should also be present, since without them the collection will not be complete.

Wardrobe in the style of ethno

Now there is a huge variety of clothes, sustained in a certain national style. Dresses, sarafans, trousers, shirts and so on – these are the parts of the wardrobe, which today have many fashionable ladies. Describing this style is not enough to say that it is bright and attractive. One of the most important features is practicality and convenience. Most often, ethnic costumes are sewn in such a way as to provide freedom of movement. It is impossible to imagine clothes of this style as tight as possible. These things are incompatible, so if you prefer comfortable clothes in which you can freely perform absolutely any movement, then you should think about clothes in the ethno style.

Flax and cotton, which prevail when creating ethnic collections, also contribute to free movement and comfortable staying in such clothes.

No less important feature is that despite the ancient history of the stylistic basis of the direction, the image in it is fresh and modern. If you are tired of the ordinary and gray elegance, then you can express your true “I” in the clothing of ethno-style. Clothing ethnic style does not imply the presence of only brown tones or natural color of flax. Certainly, these shades prevail, but blue, white, black, gray, red color is also allowed here. Often in this style there is an intertwining of Indian and oriental subjects. And in principle, we can say that the modern ethno-style is an intertwining of African, Asian, African, Greek and Slavic colors with their peculiarities and accents.


In order to create a deep ethnic image and most clearly convey the identity of national motives in its appearance, it is necessary to combine clothes from ethno-style with footwear created with nuances in mind. Most often, these shoes are made of leather or suede. It has a flat sole, a small wedge and, less often, a low heel.

When creating such shoes designers do not break their heads, creating unique expositions, and guided by the simplest schemes. Properly selected shoes should emphasize the image and be in tandem with him, in no case speaking out of style. Summer boots and rough sandals will look great with dresses that have asymmetrical hem and ethno-print. Supplement the image with accessories that must be created from natural materials and correspond to the general style composition.

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