Common mistakes of the summer wardrobe

With the onset of hot days, the girls try to keep a minimum of clothes on themselves and make the main mistakes in choosing a fashion image.

If you live in a city, and not on an island, then do not overdo it too much with the length of jeans shorts or tops. To dress stylishly, modern and not vulgar, you must observe a few simple rules.

And first, look into the closet and get rid of things that have lost an attractive appearance.

These are stretched t-shirts, wiped from long-lasting socks shorts or a sundress with a spot. Be sure of these things, you will not wear, and sending them to the dacha will only make room for new ones.

Useful tips for choosing clothes for summer

1. You do not need to wear transparent clothes, unless you are on the beach. It is only permissible to wear a transparent shirt under a jacket or a combination of a transparent blouse with a modest bottom, but only for evening activities.
2. Underwear should be selected very carefully. The ideal option will be sets of flesh-color, it is desirable to choose seamless underwear. The main thing is to choose the right bra so that the straps do not look out from under the tops. Silicone straps should be forgotten forever. It looks like it’s gone and of course they are still visible. They were popular in the 2000s, today women of fashion will never wear them. Choose the tops that successfully conceal the underwear or choose a bra without straps.
3. If you want to look stylish and modern, it is not desirable to wear knitted shirts, T-shirts that are too tight silhouette. It does not matter what your physique and age are. Even if you have the perfect torso and there is a desire to show everyone your pumped press, a tight fitting shirt will make the image cheap. But, and if there is excess weight, then there should not be visible flaws to flaunt. You can make an exception if you wear such vests under a jacket, cardigan or denim jacket. Designers and fashion houses offer this season a free cut. There must be space between the body and the T-shirt. This also applies to shirts and light dresses.
4. From the clothes of black tones, many refuse for the summer period, but do not leave black bags and shoes in the winter wardrobe. With light, flying, colorful summer dresses and skirts, they do not combine and make a strange impression, giving out a man without taste. Although in business style this is permissible.
5. The next rule applies not only to the summer season, but most often with the onset of the heat girls combine a neckline and a mini-skirt. It must be remembered that the mini-skirt together with a low neckline in front or in the back area looks excessively defiant and looks elegant in such an image impossible. Never need to combine a deep cutout and a mini.
6. Already a few seasons ago the skirts went out of fashion in a floor of bright colors. But women do not stop wearing them, most often combine with tight-fitting jerseys. Now they are not relevant and are only allowed for the resort. Stylists recommend that they change to skirts just below the knees. But since talking about skirts, then short skirts to wear to work is unacceptable. If you want to wear a mini-length, it’s better to choose a free, short dress. It will look more fashionable.

What should be summer shoes?

It should be remembered that the flip flops are designed for the beach. Stylish girls in the city do not wear such shoes. Forget about summer knitted boots! This footwear has long out of fashion. And never under the summer shoes do not wear traces or physical, dimensionless socks. Leather or suede shoes of black color, which many women continue to wear in the office, should be replaced with flesh colored boats. If there is a possibility, then in the heat of work you can put sandals or sandals from the skin. If you choose shoes with an open toe, then under them do not wear pantyhose.

And it’s important never to forget that open-type shoes are only appropriate with a neat pedicure. Also, you should not combine shoes and a handbag of one color. This has long been a relic of the past. To date, the more contrast the shoes or the bag, the better. In the summer it is more correct to put off a winter, large, baggy bag and replace it with a bag of small sizes, pastel tones.

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