By conceiving the question more and more people approach deliberately and consciously. Each pair before you have a child studying a lot of literature and goes to the hospital. This is to prevent any difficulties in the future.

However, now we can hear a lot of information, which is not true. So, it can not exert any influence on the conception of?

1. Legs up. Now there is a perception that after intercourse have to lift your feet up. This is due to the fact that the semen does not leak. Only this view has no acknowledgment among scholars.
2. Orgasm. It is worth noting that women orgasm does not affect the process of conception.
3. Alcohol. Do not abuse alcohol, as this can cause failure of the menstrual cycle. If it was a one-time use of alcohol before sexual intercourse, then it will not affect the process.
4. Contraceptives. Hormonal pills do not affect the process of conception in the future.
5. Breastfeeding. Do not look for something that does not happen next pregnancy through breastfeeding.

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