Cons of Vegetarianism

More recently, we have learned, what are the positive aspects of giving up meat. But do not forget that the disadvantages can be no less distinguished. One should always objectively relate to any issue.

So, what can be identified cons of vegetarianism?

1. Problems with the heart and bones. The man who gave up meat, eggs and milk suffers from a lack of essential amino acids. In this connection, problems may arise from vital organs and systems.
2. Vitamin B12. This vitamin is present only in animal products. If one of them refused, so a deficiency of vitamin inevitable. As a consequence – anemia.
3. Few calories. Since the body uses very few calories, it can badly affect the functioning of the stomach and intestines.
4. Expensive. To compensate for a deficiency of essential trace elements, you need to eat foods that are expensive (figs, apricots, raisins, nuts). Unfortunately, not all people can afford to eat this way.

It is worth noting that vegetarianism has a lot of shortcomings. I must say that only the people can decide how to eat it. But, in our opinion, it is always important middle ground.

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