Constipation during Pregnancy

Pregnancy – is one of the most important and significant periods in the life of every woman. The most important purpose of women – it is to be a mother.

However, it must be said that sometimes accompany pregnancy can not quite pleasant events. One of the most common – is constipation. His reason is very simple – an increase in the body of the hormone progesterone. As is well known, it is because of him the woman may experience bowel problems.

But it is worth noting that the situation greatly complicated by the fact that a pregnant woman should not take many medications. How to be in this situation, because the irregular bowel movements also have a negative impact on the state of the pregnant woman. If the intestine is emptied out of time, then the toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream.

So, to pregnant it was easier to go to the bathroom you need to eat a plum. They are tasty, helpful and always ready to help cope with the problem. If it is impossible to independently cope with constipation, then you need to see a doctor. Already in the hospital you can assign a treatment that is safe for you and your baby.

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