Contraceptive for Men – the TV!

Recent studies have found that spent watching TV 3 hours per day, reduce the number of male sperm count by 50 percent.

The researchers studied how dependent the ability to fertilize the availability of physical activity.

Researchers at Harvard University said that semen physically active men more suitable for fertilization, than those of the male representatives of the tribe, who lead sedentary lives.

This is due to the fact that the three sedentary life constantly overheat the testicles, and the blood supplying important for procreation bodies nutrients stagnate.

In this experiment, was attended by 189 people age category 18-22 years. Lifestyle these representatives of the stronger sex were quite varied.

It turned out that TV fans (television viewing took more than 20 hours. Per week), the number of active sperm cells was lower by 44% than that of men who preferred a different kind of holiday.

But the blame in this TV can not, researchers say. Blame lifestyle with low physical activity. What does a man instead of sports – watching TV, playing on the computer, or just sit a lot – the result is not affected.

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