Currently, there are many methods of contraception. Each pair chooses herself that she used. You have to understand that they are significantly different from each other.

So, what contraceptives on the market?

1. Condoms. Condoms in 95% of cases and protect against unwanted pregnancy. It is important that they can be used to protect yourself from infections that are sexually transmitted. Before every sexual act must be put on a new condom.
2. Spiral. Spirals introduced women into the uterine cavity. There it can be located up to 5 years. Foreign body prevents the fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine cavity.
3. Patch. The patch is composed of hormones that delay the development of eggs. The patch should be changed once a week.
4. Tablets. Birth control pills are a woman should drink each day. It is important not to forget about their reception. Tablets affect female hormones, because of this pregnancy does not occur.
5. Candles. Candles are inserted directly into the vagina before intercourse. Their main mechanism of action on the destruction of the structure of the sperm.

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