Correct Showering

Everyone should wash. This procedure brings a lot of fun. Just want to immediately say that in this case there are many nuances.

To skin longer pleased you with youth, you must take a shower by all means.

1. Temperature. The water temperature should not be very high (up to 30 degrees Celsius). This will protect the skin from excessive drying. It is on dry skin that wrinkles appear before the time.
2. Time. You need to wash everything. Just do not need to spend much time under water. Everything should be in moderation. Do not wash off the protective layer from the skin.
3. How often do I wash? I want to say that it will be enough to wash under the shower once a day. In addition, it is not always necessary to use detergents.
4. Washcloth. Change the bast often, because it always accumulates a lot of germs.
5. Soap. Choose a soap that delicately cleanses the skin. Do not choose a product that clears too much.
6. Lotion. After showering, apply lotion to the skin to moisturize it.

Be beautiful and young!

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