Correctly Eat in Autumn

Autumn is a very difficult period for every person. At this time, you need to rebuild the body. But not all of this is painless. Especially, it’s hard for people with chronic diseases.

It should be noted that during this period it is extremely important to monitor your diet. It must be full.

So, what foods should be present in the autumn diet?

1. Apples. Autumn is the season of apples. Eat them as much as possible. This fruit contains a huge amount of useful vitamins. Do not forget to alternate between green and red apples.
2. Cranberries. The huge content of vitamin C will allow you to avoid colds.
3. Vegetables. Do not forget about the benefits of vegetables. We eat more carrots, pumpkins, baked potatoes.
4. Nuts. It is in autumn that nuts are ripening. They not only need to be eaten, but still have to be prepared for the winter. Every day we eat one nut.

As you can see, vegetables and fruits can not be excluded from the diet. This is the main source of vitamins and minerals for our body.

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