Cracks on the Lips

In cold weather, many people are faced with such a problem as cracks on the lips. The situation is quite unpleasant and not aesthetic. If men do not pay attention, women are sounding the alarm.

How to be that this will not happen again? The question is very relevant.

1. Weather. As mentioned above, the cause of the cracks on the lips can become cold and wind. But to protect the lips, it is necessary to use hygienic lipstick. You also need to drink enough water. The human body is necessary to moisturize from the inside.
2. Bad habits. The cause of cracks in the lips can become bad habits. These include – licking lips. That will never be allowed. Saliva, which is on the lips very soon evaporate, and the lip will crack.
3. Diet. Sometimes the cause of the cracks can be unhealthy diet. Include in your diet foods with vitamin B2. It is found with the beef, green vegetables.

As you can see, this problem can be avoided if you do everything right. In addition, tips are simple.

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