Culture of Eating

None of us will live without food. Each of us eats to live on. Everyone knows that nutrition should be right and balanced. This is a guarantee of good health. However, there are many nuances that need to be known.

So, what is strictly forbidden to do after eating?

1. Smoking. After eating, it is best to stop smoking. If you do not adhere to this rule, then the amount of harmful nicotine is even more absorbed into the blood.
2. Fruits. Many people like to eat fruit after dinner. But this is not entirely correct. The composition of the fruit is such that they will interfere with digestion. Fruits are best eaten after an hour after eating. So it will be most correct.
3. Tea. After a meal, do not drink tea. Because of this drink, the normal absorption of protein is impaired.
4. Shower. Do not immediately take a shower after eating. This will cause the digestion to deteriorate. The reason is a decrease in blood flow in the region of the stomach.

Follow these simple rules to feel cheerful and good.

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