Damage of Botox

161120165At present, more and more women like dolls. Women are no longer present. Natural beauty fades into the background and is not considered fashionable. To some of the men – like it and some do not. In general, there is no consensus, but women are more likely to settle the matter on their own (without the participation of men).

Silicone lips and breasts, and even a person without a single wrinkle – that is what is now in the price. The woman believes that it is necessary to look in 40 years, as in 18. For this, now it is possible to inject Botox, and become a young woman without any wrinkles. At first glance, nothing complicated, but you should always keep in mind the consequences.

What is Botox can be dangerous for your health?

First of all, it must be said about the infections that may develop at the site of injection. Scientists have the following health problems say that may occur: swelling of various localization (larynx, eyelids), muscle spasms and breathing problems. Once again, all of the above effects can lead to serious health problems.

Finally, I want to say that beauty – it is not important. Much more important, human health. In addition, if a person is beautiful soul, he will be beautiful and externally.

Lovely woman, old age need to meet with dignity!

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