Dates are Beneficial for Pregnant Women

3011201611The diet of a pregnant woman has a number of features and limitations. This is due primarily to the fact that the expectant mother during gestation must take care not only about their own health, but also about the future health of your baby. Naturally, in this period must be especially attentive to the various products, as well as to normalize the volume of food consumed. But what exactly it can be eaten during pregnancy, so it dates.

It turns out, according to scientists, it dates can provide the body of a pregnant woman the highest concentration of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to her and the baby. For example, The dates very many amino acids, and contains Vitamin C, A, and others. In addition, it is through the use of dates during pregnancy, you will greatly simplify your labor.

It is enough for 1 month prior to delivery on a daily basis there are approximately 150 grams of dates and this will significantly improve the process of childbirth, making it easier.

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