Deceive your Stomach

It is difficult to find a single woman who would not be worried about her figure. Symmetry – a goal to which the woman goes on throughout their lives. Someone – everything turns out well, and someone – no.

So how can you deceive yourself to eat less?

1. Teeth. After dinner, you need to brush your teeth. This will prevent you from overeating at night.
2. Sleep. If you decide to bring your body in order, then you need a good sleep. Sleep – a pledge of harmony and beauty.
3. Enjoyment. Learn to enjoy all that you do. Eating – is no exception. Eat what you like, not what you need. Good food can also be tasty.
4. Listen to yourself. The body always tells you what and how to do better. It is only necessary to recognize when its signals.
5. Children’s pranks. Maybe it’s someone seems ridiculous, but you need to eat from the children’s dishes. This will be true to guarantee that overeating will never be.

Woman with a beautiful figure can be. In this case, the main thing to go clearly and confidently to your goal!

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