Delay of Menstrual Cycle

Every woman knows how often comes to menstruation. Menstruation should be regular. The average cycle is 28-35 days.

However, there are cases when a woman is delayed. How to be in this case? What could be the reasons?

1. Pregnancy. When pregnancy occurs the next menstruation does not come. Yet this could be in the postpartum period. That is still not recovered hormones.
2. Stress. If a woman has gone through a lot of stress, it could adversely affect its women’s health.
3. Sport. Intense exercise can affect the life of the onset of the next menstruation.
4. Transfer. If you have recently been in a different climatic zone, it is possible that the next period will come later than usual.
5. Fasting. If a woman is sitting on a rigid diet, it can lead to bad consequences for her body.
6. Failure. Hormonal or endocrine disorders can cause delays.
7. Contraceptives. Hormonal contraceptives may also cause irregular menstruation.

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