Depression after Childbirth

That long-awaited event happened – the child was in your family. All rejoice and be glad. However, there is a young mother that something was wrong. Most likely, there was a post-natal depression. This condition is very common. This is a serious signal that a woman needs help.

So, what are the most common symptoms of the disease?
Women most often complain of restlessness, unfounded anxiety, poor sleep, lack of appetite, lack of desire to make love.

Such symptoms should not be ignored. So what should you do to help the mother get back in shape and feel comfortable.

1. Doctor. Refer to a psychologist to understand the reason of disease.
2. Daytime sleep. Sleep – this is exactly what is missing a young mother. Try to get plenty of rest. Try to sleep during the day.
3. Walk. Spend enough time with your child outdoors. This will be useful to both.
4. Power. Eat high-quality and home products. Avoid sandwiches and fast food.
5. Girlfriends. Find a range of communication (such as young mothers), with whom you will talk about.

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