Depression Can Cause a Stroke

Scientists of one of the European institutions made a statement based on the results of research conducted during the last three years. It was said that the state of depression in old age increases the risk of a stroke three times.

According to their statements, 401 people took part in the experiment. All of them were no less than 85 years old, and none of those participating in the experiment had previously had any stroke of stroke. Specialists also note that out of 401 people 72 suffered from dementia. Every day, scientists recorded the health of participants, observed their moral condition. They also noted the mortality of people.

At the beginning of the experiment, the number of people with depression was about 18%. As a result of the experiment, it was recorded that exactly 10 signs of depression in healthy people and with dementia increased the probability of a stroke three times. According to them, people suffering from depression did not foretell anything for a stroke other than the depression itself.

Therefore, in order to avoid serious illnesses, you need to turn to specialists in time.

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