Who are increasingly found the diagnosis – depression. Many people do not give due attention to this disease. But it is in vain. If the disease is not treated in time, the consequences will be dire.

So how can you cope with depression?

1. Objectives. Set a goal and follow them. Start small (go to the store, call a friend). It seems that it’s all nonsense, but it is not.
2. Close the people. Family and close friends always understand us, therefore, spend more time in their circle.
3. Positive. Think and tune into a positive. What a person thinks, and then it will come to pass.
4. The pessimists. Avoid people who constantly complain about life. These are not the people to which you want to waste your precious time.
5. Love of self. Learn to love, appreciate and respect themselves. This is extremely important for every person. It includes a very simple rule: a good sleep, a healthy diet, less stress and more smiles.
6. Pet. Keep a pet and giving him all my love.

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