Diet for Heart Diseases

Nowadays more and more people are faced with cardiovascular disease. The reasons for this may be plenty. Most often, the person to blame for many diseases. Wrong way of life, bad habits – all this is not a complete list of the negative impact on the human heart.

But today we have to discuss the issue of correct nutrition in these pathologies. So, how to eat in diseases of the heart?

1. Olive oil. For salad dressings need to use olive oil. From the butter should be discarded. This is one of the most useful oils for humans.
2. Fruits and Vegetables. These products need to eat enough of them. Mandarins, kiwi, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers – all this should be in abundance.
3. Fish. Twice a week you need to eat sea fish.
4. Salt. Avoid excessive salt intake. It is better to eat more fresh food.
5. Cereals. Eat porridge of untreated grains. Avoid instant cereals.

As you can see, to have a healthy heart, you need quite a bit to adjust the diet!

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