Diet for Hypertension

No one is immune from high blood pressure. It is worth noting that if your relatives suffer from this disease, you can also experience it. This is a pretty serious pathology.

Undoubtedly, if the situation is critical, you need to start taking pills. Most often they are administered to the patient and their need to drink to the end of life. But if the situation can be corrected without the use of pills, then you need to try.

So how can you normalize pressure without pills? The most important thing is to start eating right. Proper nutrition – it’s very important in this disease.

1. Salt. From salt is necessary to refuse or reduce its consumption to a minimum.
2. Water. Drinking water is necessary, but should not be abused. Keep the body was swelling.
3. Spices. Some spices that are present in the sausage or sweets may cause edema, so it is best to abandon these products.
4. Butter. All foods that contain a lot of cholesterol, harmful for hypertensive patients. Keep kidney consumption of eggs and butter to a minimum.

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